the customer

Intermarché, one of the leading food retailers in Europe, has different types of stores; from the small convenience stores, offering a wide range of fresh food to the big supermarkets with an important non-food department.

Royal Boch Kitchen knives

the brand

Royal Boch, a former purveyor to the Royal Household, still enjoys a great brand awareness in Belgium. The logo with the crown at the top is recognized by over 90% of the Belgian people and stands for the highest quality. Royal Boch allows us to use their license for several product categories, mainly kitchenware.


Intermarché sought to increase its sales through a loyalty campaign, to reward their loyal customers and to gain new customers from other supermarket stores. For their annual winter/spring loyalty campaign, Intermarché wanted to offer a nice range of kitchen knives with a well known brand.

The loyalty solution

During a period of 3 months, Intermarché and Loyalty Solutions worked together to create a good communication with a clear in-store and online communication. An appealing range in combination with a well considered marketing approach must reach all our goals.

The engagement was exceptional, much more than expected. After only a few weeks, we were running of stock. Luckily, thanks to a flexible supplier and pro active approach, we were able to provide a new batch of knives during the program. However, even after doubling the initial volumes, the sales was still growing so we decided to start the production again. Moreover, together with Intermarché, we decided to extend the program as we wanted to fulfill all customers demand.

The campaign was by far the most successful campaign in the recent years.

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