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Who we are

We are not just
another agency

We own several different factories which allow us to bring you the best quality for the sharpest prices, but also a digital communication department. Challenge us. It will be a pleasant surprise.


More than
65 years

We have more than 65 years experience in the manufacturing of high quality goods for the biggest brands in the world. Combine this with more than 10 years experience in the loyalty business and offline & digital communication and you have the ingredients to setup a promotional activity that will rock the country.


We are

We are passionate about communication in all its forms. About our licences and definitely about our quality of execution. Did you know that we design our own product lines? Because we believe that the best is just not good enough.


It is our second

We understand your needs. We adapt every concept, every product and every licence to your target. Never the same, always unique. Just as your consumer.


our mission

Solid partnership

We create a solid partnership ­between you and your customer, he becomes more loyal.


Digital approach

We attract new customer thanks to our digital approach. Social Media done professionally.



We increase the average frequency and spending rate by ­rewarding your customer for his efforts.



Your store becomes more profitable and less costly, rock on!


Our mission is to change customer behaviour by increasing their engagement towards our clients’ stores.’
Our mission is to change customer behaviour by increasing their engagement towards our clients’ stores.’

our team

Michel Delmulle
Michel Delmulle
Managing Director
Bert Lanssens
Bert Lanssens
Sales Manager
Lori Tallieu
Account Manager
Claudia Libbrecht
Claudia Libbrecht
Project Manager
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Laure Dewinter
Logistic Support
Nathalie Deprez
Nathalie Deprez
Purchase Manager
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Carine Philips
Purchase Assistant
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Matthijs Verstraete
Graphic Design

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